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Experts in Line Queuing Solutions

Economy Line of Queue Line Products Designed to Work Within a Tight Budget. Ideal for When Visual Line Barriers are Needed

NEW! Mid-Range Line of Discounted Queue Line Posts with the Options of a Premium Post

The Industry Standard in Premium Retractable Belt Stanchions and Line Management Products

Wholesale Queue Line Products.

T-Barrier.com is your One Stop Shop for buying and researching queue line products online. We keep an extensive inventory of retractable belt queue posts, post and rope products, signs, and accessories to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your queue line.

We specialize in three product lines designed to fit into any budget. If money is tight and you need something quick and easy, our QueueWay Economy Stanchion Products are the best solution. If you need a sturdier and more durable line queuing option but are still price conscious, we recommend the QueueWay Plus Premier Economy Stanchions. If you are looking for a long term queuing solution that will be able to withstand years of constant use, look no further than our Tensabarrier Premium Queue Line product line.


Try a more effective approach that takes advantage of your next inline posts. Yes, they do work, people do look down when in line, but, and you know what this means;

There are 6 disadvantages:Stanchion base cover

  1. They start to come up on the edges
  2. They are impossible or difficult to reposition as requirements change
  3. Floor chemicals and cleaners can affect the finish
  4. They get scuffed and dull from the scraping of shoes
  5. When no longer needed, require scraping and solvent to remove, with possible floor damage.
  6. Don’t work on carpet. Read more here…


Queueway Line Stanchions

Queueway Plus Stanchions

Tensabarrier Stanchions