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Impulse Tower




The Ultimate In-Store Display for Impulse Merchandising

The Impulse Tower allows you to merchandise anywhere in the store. A standalone circular design allows the unit to be shopped 360 degrees and the transparent polycarbonate bowls makes merchandise standout to shoppers.

Impulse Tower with Optional Signage

Impulse Tower with Optional Signage

Our unique knock-down feature enables reduced freight packaging resulting in more cost-effective shipping charges.

· Polished chrome finish with grey base
· Incorporates 4 transparent bowls for merchandising
· Optional bowl dividers allow for the ultimate in merchandising space, dividing the bowl into quarters
· Optional signage available: 5in x 7in
· Generates exceptional revenue per square foot of floor space
· Circular design can be accessed from any direction
· Excellent showcase for seasonal or promotional items
· Knock down packaging feature makes shipping more cost-effective
· Large capacity for minimal restocking
· Lightweight and easy to reposition

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Optional Bowl Divider

No Dividers, 1 Set, 2 Sets, 3 Sets, 4 Sets


No, Yes


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