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Introducing Our New Queueway Plus Economy Queue Posts


When you need a retractable belt stanchions that is sturdier than a typical economy post but more cost efficient than the premium brand, turn to Queueway Plus. The first discount queue post line with the same options and customization as the premium retractable belt stanchions

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Available in 6 Post Finishes / Colors

Queueway Plus Economy Retractable Belt Stanchion with Midnight Black Post

Midnight Black

The Queueway Plus is, of course, available in our classic black post finish. This is our most requested and best selling post color. You know what they say – black goes with everything!

Suggested Belt Pairings:




Queueway Plus Economy Retractable Belt Stanchion with Polished Chrome Post

Polished Chrome

For a more elegant look, we offer the Queueway Plus in a polished chrome post. This creates an attractive and shiny queue line commonly used at banks, museums, and restaurants.

Suggested Belt Pairings:




Queueway Plus Economy Retractable Belt Stanchion with Satin Chrome Post

Satin Chrome

A nice alternative to the polished chrome finish is the Satin Chrome Post Finish. This is another finish designed to present a premium appearance at a cost effective price.

Suggested Belt Pairings:




Queueway Plus Economy Retractable Belt Stanchion with Safety Yellow Post

Safety Yellow

If you want your posts to have increased visibility, we recommend out Safety Yellow Post Color option. Ideal for use in warehouses, indoor construction sites, and anywhere you want to draw attention to a potential hazard.

Suggested Belt Pairings:




Queueway Plus Economy Retractable Belt Stanchion with Fire Red Post

Fire Red

Unlike other “discount” stanchions, our Queueway PLUS stanchion line is available in premium colors like this Fire Red Post Color. Make your queue line stand apart from the rest with this unique and appealing post option.

Suggested Belt Pairings:




Queueway Plus Economy Retractable Belt Stanchion with Ocean Blue Post

Ocean Blue

Looking for a queue post that will really draw attention? Our Queueway Plus belt stanchions are available in an Ocean Blue Post Finish option. These are ideal for schools and universities, public government buildings, and retail stores.

Suggested Belt Pairings:




Queueway Plus is the First Economy Stanchion to Offer Customer Printing!

Get Your Custom Belt Today!

Introducing the BEST Solution for Economic Line Queuing

For years customers had to decide between paying premium prices for multiple and custom options of high end belt barriers or settling for the stock options of the economy line.

With our new QUEUEWAY PLUS PREMIER ECONOMY STANCHION line – those days are over!

Queueway Plus Economy Retractable Belt Sanchions

Discover the Advantages of Queueway Plus Economy Belt Stanchions:

Tons of Belt Options!

Unlike other “discount” or “economy” stanchions that offer 3 or 4 belt colors – the Queueway Plus line has nearly 50 options including pre-printed and safety messages.

Custom Webbing Also Available for an Upcharge

Use with Accessories!

The Queueway Plus stanchion line accommodates all accessories and signs. These include merchandising bowls, writing surfaces, and the full line of stock sign messages.

Save on Shipping!

Not only are the Queueway Plus stanchions sold at discounted rates but we also pack and ship them to save you money! These our packed flat and two to a box for efficient shipping rates. No Tools Are Required for Assembly!

Queueway Plus Specifications:


Post Height

Post Diameter

Post Weight

Belt Length